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Meet the Family

We take pride in our product, and we use it too.

In our search for the most multifunctional teething products, we stumbled across silicone rubber jewellery that mums can wear and bubs can chew. When we tried it, it was an instant success.

Ethan (bubs) loves to chew them, and I love that I can still wear a necklace and not have to worry about him getting it in his mouth.

My husband, John and I decided that this was an excellent product that we could stand behind.

If you want to see the dummy moustache clip Ethan's wearing, just click here to see the full range of teething accessories.

silicone rubber chewable teething necklace
Nikki Campbell

Nikki (The Boss Lady)

That’s me. For the past 11 years, I’ve been working in childcare as an Early Childhood Educator. I’m the owner and founder of BubbaGummy. I design, procure, and QA jewellery for the store. I also manage social media, the blog, and all correspondence with you.


Ethan (The Cuteness)

Ethan is our first and only child. He spends most of his time burping, drinking milk, sleeping, crying, playing, and other fun stuff. He helps out with quality control. If he says it’s no good, it goes. He also does some modelling for Bubbagummy when he’s in the mood.

John Campbell

John (The Digital Ninja)

John is my husband and has spent his career in design, web development, and marketing. He designed and built this website, and deals with all the technical stuff that makes your experience more enjoyable.

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