Cheat’s Christmas Cupcakes

This week I got to have a proud Mumma moment. I did some baking for Ethan’s first Christmas party. He ended up being unwell on the day so we couldn’t go, typical hey. I made these adorable melted snowmen cupcakes. Why “Cheat’s”? I used a packet mix. Greens Vanilla cake mix. I know! I know… lazy!!! Please still be my friend. These little yummy morsels of Christmas are super easy to make, and with the massive Frozen phenomenon they will go down a treat. So what are you waiting for? Do you wanna build a snowman?


Do you wanna build a snowman 1


Do you wanna build a snowman 2
Do you wanna build a snowman 3

We would love to see how your snowmen turn out so please share a photo on our Facebook page or leave a photo in our comment section.

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