Ethan’s First Christmas

I have always loved Christmas. The movies, the carols, the decorations, spending time with loved ones, cooking… I could go on. But nothing prepared me for how much my love of Christmas would grow when I had a little one to create the magic for.

Even John got excited for Christmas (come on John, admit it). We had a beautiful Christmas season and we thought we would share a few photos and a quick caption on each, instead of writing endless pages. We will do separate articles for our delicious Jamie Oliver Jerk Ham and Polar Express Gingerbread Train.

We truly hope your holiday season was a magical one. Enjoy the photos! Our family holiday post is coming soon.

Ethan's first Christmas 2
Waiting for Santa…

Ethan's first Christmas 3
Gingerbread Polar Express

Ethan's first Christmas 4
Ready to start making Jamie Oliver’s delicious Jerk Ham

Ethan's first Christmas 5
Yum, just yum!

Ethan's first Christmas 6
Wouldn’t be an Aussie Christmas without prawns

Ethan's first Christmas 7
Ethan’s first taste of mashed potato

Ethan's first Christmas 8
Ethan’s first time on beach sand, loving it

Ethan's first Christmas 9
First dip in the water, not loving it so much…

Ethan's first Christmas 10
Ethan loving our awesome Balance Range

Ethan's first Christmas 11
New tradition: Order matching PJ’s for everyone in the family

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