Our First Family Holiday

We survived going on holiday with a 7 month old! High five to us!

We weren’t brave enough yet to take Ethan on an aeroplane, so we decided on a road trip to Aldinga, about an hour south of Adelaide. We spent our first family holiday at a wonderful place at Sellicks Beach, South Australia.

Words just can’t describe how lovely it was just to get away from the hustle and bustle. Seeing as how pictures speak a thousand words in a thousand languages, we thought we’d let them do the talking.

Without further ado, here they are…

December Holidays 1
Red wine and herb steak, char-grilled zucchini, and grilled vine-ripened baby tomatoes. I usually hate tomatoes, but this day was different.

December Holidays 2
Father and son. Getting the little lad accustomed to the surf. He’ll be on a surf board in no time.

December Holidays 3
Asleep at the beach. Baby gear at the ready.

December Holidays 5
A day-time snooze on the deck. Babies know how to relax…

December Holidays 6
Dad’s turn to feed the distracted little man

December Holidays 7
Mini-watermelon?!! For me????

December Holidays 8
My teething ring is for some reason the most exciting thing in the universe!

December Holidays 15
Lonesome sheep in Aldinga. Happy standing in the same boring spot for hours.

December Holidays 16
Going for a walk, looking at the sheep, sooo exciting!

December Holidays 17
Chewing my teething toys in the sun, under my sweet new shade tent, with mum and dad nearby. Happy.

December Holidays 18
Family photo time…

December Holidays 19
Extended family photo time… they couldn’t resist a 1 hour drive in 38 degree heat, just to see him. Oh, to be a cute baby.

December Holidays 20
Mum and son, with new summer dress and Radiance teething necklace.

December Holidays 21
Trying desperately to spell “BubbaGummy” with sparklers on New Years eve. Not drunk, it’s just really difficult!

December Holidays 22
Aldinga Beach, on New Years Day. How’s the serenity?

December Holidays 23
This is what a person without a care in the world (or children) does on New Years in Aldinga.

December Holidays 24
Horse-riding in the ocean… Now there’s something we’ve never seen before.

Did you manage to get away for a few days over the break? We’d love to hear your stories.

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