Pretty Pumpkin Patties

toasted sandwich made with leftovers

Don’t you love a chuck together dinner that is yummy, healthy, cheap and has enough for leftovers? We are sure once Ethan is a hungry teenager, leftovers will only last a few hours after dinner.

So just a quick little note we LOVE food. John loves to cook and is AMAZING at it (he even auditioned for Masterchef – but that’s another story). I like to cook, but well, lets just say I know the local pizza place’s number for when it all turns to #%@$!

However, last Monday (day before shopping day) I needed to get creative. So without further to do I introduce… Pretty Pumpkin Patties.



Once cooled roll into pattie (whatever size suits your family). If you choose to you can dust in flour, but this is something I don’t do, because it can make it crumbly. Cook until that yummy thin coat of golden brown appears.

We served with salad for dinner, but as the photo shows, clever John turned them into a toastie the next day for lunch, with some spinach leaves, American mustard, and a little cheeky mayo.

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