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Rebecca is the owner of Little Vintage Boutique, making a success of it despite the challenges that only life can dream up for us. This is her story…

The last few years for me have been quite challenging personally, and as often happens in life, a series of unexpected events saw a need for a change in work and lifestyle, which serendipitously evolved into the founding and creation of Little Vintage Boutique. When faced with change in my working life, being involved in starting a small business was something I never envisaged or felt was possible, but it has grown out of my love of creative expression and vintage style anything . It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love, and am quite possibly balmy, bonkers, and completely obsessed, about all things vintage!

Little Vintage Boutique

After travelling overseas for a few years I returned to Australia, qualified as an English language educator, intending to return overseas to teach adult migrants. However, soon after returning home, what was believed to be a stroke went unidentified and untreated for many years. Prior to this my professional life as a nanny and nursery carer for more than 12 years introduced me to many wonderful families, babies, and children, and a wide range of experiences. But after this sudden turn of events, a change in career and pace of lifestyle was called for, as well as new creative challenges beyond finger-painting, play-dough sculpture masterpieces, and teaching ABCs. The Boutique is currently run part time, with much enthusiasm for the direction I wish to take the business in, while continuing my tertiary studies in psychology.

An important aspect of the business for me is to make the products to a high standard, and if possible, multifunctional, so that they last and can be reused again and again, for many years and for different purposes. I also love the rustic and organic appearance of natural items like jute, hemp cord, linen, and handmade ribbon.

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I try to encourage clients to recycle paper products, and to reuse or find alternative uses for items where practical and possible too. Being aware of the environmental impact of the products I make is one reason I try to source, use, and offer items made from recycled board, recycled papers with natural fibres, or for example, paper straws which are biodegradable. (the ‘Bloom’ paper used in some products is handmade in India and has natural cotton fibre woven into it, making it the most gorgeously soft, pliable textured paper to work with – while it also looks beautiful.

I am also passionate about providing something which is custom made for my customer that offers products in line with current trends, but also has a personal or unique appearance or function, and is also a handmade item of excellent quality, and adds a really special touch to their wedding or special event. I always look forward to feedback from clients. Working with babies and children has influenced the creation of an expanding range of children’s party goods and supplies at Little Vintage Boutique, so they are still very much part of my life.

I am most thankful for the amazing support of family and friends in this new and surprising direction in my life. I look forward to the wonderful adventures that come with making Little Vintage Boutique a long-term success.

– Bek

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